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Related article: Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 19:39:31 -0700 (PDT) From: 3Q Subject: After School Special 3After School Special - Chapter 3 by 3Q (mm, ws, piss) - [Read the disclaimer at the end, if you wish.] Allen and I returned to my house. My dick was hard as a rock from Allen's sucking, and the front of my pants were wet with saliva and precum. I got out of the car, dropped them to my ankles and carried them inside, with Allen rubbing my butt cheeks all the way from the garage to the house. When we got inside, I tossed the shorts to the floor, turned and took Allen in my arms and started forcing my tongue into his mouth and mashing our lips together as hard as I could. I started humping my insistent and moist hardon on his own and worked myself to just this side of cumming. I released our embrace and led Allen into my bedroom. The sheets were cool as I sat down on the bed, and I pulled Allen to stand in front of me. Just as I had earlier in this spectacular day, I slid my hands up along his smooth sides, up under his shirt. I lifted his shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor. I started kissing and nibbling up his stomach and over to his right nipple which I kissed and sucked, licked and nibbled for quite a while. Then Nude Preteen Art I moved over to the other. His small but hard and prominent nipples stood at attention and gave a firm rubbery resistance to my chewing. I slid my hands down to his shorts and released the button, dropping them down his slim hips to the floor. I pulled my short over my head, and we both kicked off our sandals as we rolled onto the bed. "God, Allen, you feel just fucking great against me." "Hank, you make me feel like my whole body is awake. I never want to leave this place. Let's stay in bed forever." I chuckled. "If we can, I will, sweet boy." We rolled around on the bed, and nuzzled and licked each other. He found places that I never thought would feel so erotic, so gently warm, so wonderful. I don't know who fell asleep first, but the next thing I knew, the morning sun was streaming through a gap in the curtains. I turned slightly to see Allen's face and he was awake and smiling at me. "Good Morning, Hank." "Good Morning, Allen." Then Allen slid the sheet down off of his body with his feet, exposing his rock hard cock. I turned a bit more and reached down for it. I stroked it up and down a few strokes, and thought about its hard, uncut, seven inches sliding in and out of my ass. I wanted him inside me. I wanted him to cum inside me. I wanted his to fuck me with his raging teen cock. "Allen?" "Yes?" "Would you do something for me?" "I'd do anything for you." "I want you to fuck me," I said. He turned towards me and looked me in the eyes. "Mr. Davis, I want to fuck you until you cry." "Oh, god, Allen, come here." I took him in my arms and pressed our bodies together. His hard cock rubbed up against mine and made mine start leaking out fluid in surges. We humped for a bit, then Allen spoke again. "Um, there's only one problem right now, Hank" "What? What's the matter, Allen?" "I gotta pee." Hmmm, should I ask so soon? Why not. "Allen, do me another favor." "Sure." "Get up on your knees," I said. He complied. "Now kneel over my face," I instructed. He walked on his knees until one knee was on either side of my head. "Now, Allen," I started. "Do you want to suck the piss out of my cock, Mr. Davis," Allen asked in a sexy voice. "Oh. God, Allen, please, please piss down my throat," I asked. Allen leaned towards the head of the bed to rotate his hips forward so he could get his hard, upright cock in my mouth. I took it into my mouth a couple of inches and hummed on his cock. "Here it comes, Mr. Davis, here comes my piss." His stream started, not gently, but with gusto. "Yeah, suck it down, Mr. Davis, suck it down. Suck my piss, Mr. Davis." I moaned on his cock and swallowed as fast as I could. I swallowed and swallowed as the piss poured from his cock. A few drips ran out of the sides of my mouth but I could swallow almost all of it. It tasted like hot, salty, dark brew. It tasted like Allen. It tasted better than I had ever dreamed the times I had jacked off over Allen and Nude Preteen Art dreamt about sucking the piss from his cock in front of my whole class. Allen started to push his cock into my mouth more, then pull it out a bit, like he was fucking my face. Then, suddenly it slipped out, and piss started gushing out of his cock onto my face, shooting around like a wild fire hose, he pissed over my face and all over the head board before he caught it in his hand. "What the fuck," I thought and started. Allen had pushed his cock back into my mouth, but not before he soaked my head, the pillow and the headboard. I was all wet. So I did it. "Oh, Mr. Davis, yeah, piss on me sir. Cover me." I sprayed his lower back with my piss as he finished draining his cock into my mouth. "Can I drink it, please," Allen asked. "Sure," I relied. I stopped pissing long enough for Allen to turn around and take my dick between his lips. He laid on my chest, and I started to piss again. He moaned. He sucked it all down. He moaned some more. When I finished, he turned around again, and started to kiss me. I could taste my piss and his in our mouths. Mine was a bit lighter, his more salty. Both tasted great together. Minutes later, he started to hump me again. His dick was rock hard. He was hot and we were both sweaty and wet. The friction of his dick on mine was making me leak, and I wanted his hot, hard teenage dick inside me. I wanted to be filled with boy juice. I reached for the bottle of lotion on the bedside table and took a handful. I lifted my knees on either side of Allen and frosted my ass with lotion. Then as I pulled up me knees further and positioned my asshole on his throbbing cock, I whispered in his wet ear, "fuck me, Allen, fuck me." "Any time Mr. Davis, any time," he whispered back to me. He rotated his hips up and maneuvered his dick head against my hole, and slowly but firmly slid it in. The feeling of fullness was pretty sudden, but like a wave of warm air it made me feel completely enveloped in this young man. He started fucking slowly and drove it in firmly on every stroke. While he fucked me, he started to kiss me and lick me everywhere he could reach, from my mouth to my neck, up my neck to my ears, driving his tongue into my ears, one at a time, then back down my neck to my sweaty, damp chest. His tongue laced through the hair on my chest, and he found each nipple, and after some kissing and sucking he began to nibble. He nibbled until he was chewing and chewed just to the point of pain. It was incredible. This young man was by far the best lover I had ever had. He fucked me for a long time -- so long that I lost track of time. It was a state of bliss not unlike that when you are listening to excellent music, very stoned and drifting in and out of sleep. It was nirvana indeed. When he came, he roared. Then after a huge orgasm, he laid down on top of me, and we rested like that for some minutes. When the light of day got a Nude Preteen Art bit too bright, we got up and showered. We ate and put on some clothes -- light cotton stuff for the summer heat, and headed over to see his mother. We thought that we were going to pick up some stuff so that he could stay for a few days. It would turn out differently. Along the way, I looked at him, in the bright sun light, he literally shown with a radiance. I loved him. How could I not? Not just his beauty, not just his glow, but him, his soul, his heart, his being. I loved Allen. Overcome by the feeling, I pulled the car over. I turned to him, and he turned in his seat too. We hadn't been sitting right together, and now we looked at each other over a foot or two or distance. It felt right. "Allen, I need to know something." His eyebrows knit up. "Allen," I paused, literally choked up, "I love you." He looked at me. "Allen," I repeated, "I love you more than anyone I have ever loved in my life." His eyes sparkled, but he remained silent. "Allen, I love you more than I thought I could love someone." He looked at me, and leaned over. He reached up to the back of my head, and pulled my face to his. He kissed me. Briefly, and on the lips, he kissed me. I started to worry for a second. "I love you too, Hank." Silence passed. "I love you too, Hank, more than I ever thought that I could." We held, a moment passed, then we turned back to the windshield, and I pulled back onto the road. On the road to meet Allen's mother._____Disclaimer: If you are too young in your jurisdiction to read this, then I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your education. Perhaps one day you can change those silly laws. If it is for some reason illegal in your jurisdiction to read this, well then perhaps you can arrange for the local constabulary to spank you. Oh, that sounds nice.If you have positive suggestions or praise, you can email me at I'll try to answer. If you have negative responses, please take a moment to contemplate the mistakes of your existence, then pray to your large toe and ask it if you should really add your shit to my life. I think that I hear it answering you right now - it says no.None of this happened, though it would be legal if it had - so far anyway. Nifty can do as they wish with this story, others may do nothing with it, expect read it, as it's mine (i.e. the author grants the Nifty Archive a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, and non-cancellable license to display the work on the nifty archive and mirrors only).
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